Thursday, August 19, 2010

{Zebra} Wall Graphic...Not your grandmother's wallpaper!

So a recent client of ours had this great and funky idea to do a whole wall in zebra print. The pictures speak for themselves! Not only does it look awesome, it was really easy to put up. I can say that because our great Blooming Words team did the installation. The wall itself took about an hour to install. It came together in a puzzle of 10 different panels and you can't see a seam!

Forget traditional wallpaper - this was so much easier and we didn't have to mess with glue. And if the client decides to change her look in the future, this will come right off. Anybody who has ever taken down wallpaper before could appreciate that fact.

Want to take the plunge and design a custom wall of your own? We can help you with that! Contact us today for a custom quote and design ideas.

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{Custom logo in the same salon...great form of advertising and style}

{The possibilities are endless...animal prints, flowers, geometric designs...the image below is a great example of a contemporary flower that would really be a conversation starter!}