Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Vinyl on {Canvas}

Red, white, black, pink & turquoise. Polka Dots. Birds.

These are a few of our favorite things for
this Valentine's collection.

{Canvas} was used to display these designs and it
is the perfect substrate for this
kind of application!

All designs are sized to fit an 8x10.
Easy to apply. Easy to {Store}.


Craft stores run canvas on sale quite a bit.
My local craft store was selling
these 8x10 for $1.86 each (Reg.$6.99).

Conversation hearts and polka-dot patterns complete this fun collection.

Order yours today and spread the {love} Blooming Words style!

{Love} Birds

The applications for these vinyl love {birds} is endless!

I put them on the chairs around my dining table
but they would also be cute on cabinets, mirrors, plates and so much more!

And did I mention = Super Affordable!!

Visit our website to purchase
{click HERE}

Valentine's {Subway Art}

When we designed this vinyl {Subway Art}
we knew we needed to make it
{super cute} because there are so many out there.

And we're ecstatic with how it turned out!

This was designed to fit a 9x12 canvas but can also be scaled
down to fit in an 8x10 space.

Available for purchase on our website. Click {HERE} to get there.

{Valentine's} Banner

{Banners} are definitely "in" this season.
And we're so glad because they're {sooo} cute!

I put this one in my house.

{Love Shack}My local craft store carries vinyl tablecloth material.

You can buy by the yard just like fabric. It has a textured back and a glossy front.

It comes in all sorts of colors and patterns. It ranges in prices but is about $8.99/yd. For this banner I only needed 1/4 yard.

You could also use this to make a cool {table runner}. You'll probably see this used a lot in upcoming craft ideas because the wheels are turning!

And best of all, it can store so nicely...just rollup and put in a tube so it won't crush.