Friday, April 10, 2009

April Featured Item of the Month

So it's a little late but it's here! We're really excited about this month's feature product. It's a 3pk. set of a tomato, olive and onion (can be purchased separately but you get a great discount if you buy all three). We've photographed it on a set of coordinating plates in different shapes and colors and they really add that perfect accent to a kitchen. Another decorating a pack of frames, take out any matting and simply apply to the front of the glass on the frame. Hang them on the wall with a wide ribbon. Super fun!

Like what you see? Remember Mother's Day is coming up really soon. It's hard to know what's going on in life tomorrow let alone a month from now so buy early and be done! Go ahead and order one for yourself, you know you deserve it!
These cut just about square and we've added sizes to the website from 4x4 up to 12x12. We can do any size up to 22x22. You would just need to email us with your request.
*Plates and stands not included (but Pier 1 has a great selection)

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donna said... guys make this look super easy! I love the idea of plate decals! I have a project I will be contacting you about helping me with.